Women Seeking Man


Whatsapp Aunty I thought to myself “who is looking for me please” Before I could call back, he sent a WhatsApp message saying: “Hi my name is Wale and I got your number from Aunty Bunmi.” “OMG! It is the same Wale. Why I still send Christmas cards – I can already hear some readers guffawing at

“When I went to meet the village head of Srikot Village in the region seeking permission and asking for help.

else this event has given them a chance to understand the world from a women centric.

The man apparently choked on food particles. He was taken to the civil hospital where doctors declared him brought dead, he said. The woman further wrote that she never spoke a word about this to.

“Now where everything is finished I would like to share the ‘paradise’ with nice people, up to 10 (women and men). They could live in houses by two persons and share a beautiful winery for social.

The committee is yet to formulate the questionnaire, and will be seeking the assistance of research students.


She also faced many side effects due to seeking care from unqualified providers. The mindset of the Indian society.

When AICF wanted Rapid Chess Champion Humpy to be punished – Indian sports closes 2019 in a grand manner with women’s world number three in chess Grand Master (GM) Koneru Humpy winning the Women’s World Rapid Champion title in Russia a couple of days ago. Humpy.

On a day a rape survivor was set ablaze allegedly by five men in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, Delhi Commission for Women.

The five men accused of her murder are from Hindu Nagar’s dominant landowning caste.

The Uttar Pradesh government.